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tell me what you think - or at least branch off this baby

Posted to Action Poetry

as i looked on,
red stockings dripping with self doubt,
i was amazed at the effect my glance had on the
drawn to let in only a noticable sliver
they illuminated the smooth legs nicely...
when i stood
she started -
not knowing if she had forgotten i was there
or simply lost herself in the process
i didn't know what to think -
it was as if by standing i had broken
some magical incantation...
her eyes were lit softly
the grey barely noticeable
under auburn bangs
"french roasted"
they called her hair -
and called mine

calling out with her mind
she stopped me from moving the curtains,
i wanted sunlight to bathe me
but apparently this was a fragil woman...
not one for too much stimulation,
a walking contradiction
seeing as how she couldn't help
but stimulate everything around her -
especially me

the leather chair seemed my fate this noon,
so back to it i went,
and with my hand resting on my chin
i finally asked that question of her
that i simply had to know...