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This one seems to be doing about as well as the first time I posted it about a year ago....hmmm. I was always quite fond of this one...Will it help if I tell you what inspired it? (I stare into an anaudience of yawning people, and I panic, not knowing what to do...)
Well, I will tell you anyway.

the movie "The Black Hole". I was always fond of Maximilian in that film, and I somehow turned him into a goat made of metal in my deleriums, at some point in time. To scare away the sheep....(disclaimer: this writer is very inebrriated on this particular night--plese ignore me)

Well, anyhoo, I find that banana peels that have sat in the hot sun for 40 days are great to smoke and of course I don't even know what a banana peel is, but I try to make sense of it all anyway. I have to try, right? got to give it the ol College Try..............rot turisma soul collage pie.....