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shoulder tube sours

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7 characters speak in a satire of shaws stage dialect
bloopy, dumpass, buttcunt, suitshit, whalecock,whipshit, and dolly
written as numbers 1-7 for times sake
dark woods, half past midnight, possibly an abandoned train station, seven eldery false gentleman wait, 4 men and three women, all dressed in loudly style clothes, with far to many jewels, all sipping bottles of expensive beer and poised as if posing for a portrait
a single lamp burns
4:jumpsuit shit down dorkfuck for elysium
2:the train comes the train comes
5:the train comes for elysium
1:train comes for elysium
7:were gonna catch train towards to elysium sort my
3:too many moths too much nothing in elysium
6:sit all day dance all night fuck all after noon drink
5:drink all night drink all night
2:we mock life, we mock you, we hate you, hate you
1:dont talk like if you go backward into elysium
3:so where is the train
6:banality is a vile sin worse than triviality
5:you know whats a sin your sinful fingers
4:devibl soon shosdt fuch four too am go shffh sfhi
7:is it almost time for nothing
3:maybe help word it go your no
4:we sing like slaves, sing like slaves in the night
2:fuck me hard, fuck me hard, we are old people
6:you stole our youth and drove us into the ground
1:we hate we hate you ug hcs hsjd iu hs
5:we hate we hate you ug hcs hsjd iu hs
1:the window is talking
5:fuck your mother
2:you ate your daughters pussy, thats why you frown all the time
6:how would you feel if i cut your muscle out of this fish barrel cab sig j
3:my good name has been besmirched by joyous middle class heads bobbing dilligently in a rain of facile numbers
5:you prattle one
6:maybe if you stopped busted you dotter is cherries with your thumb tongue for a minute youd care about my rotty cold bowel shortcake organelles
2:you prattle on
1:i hate life i hate life
2:i want my mommy want my mommy now
3:the sky was always so ugly too ugly for me
4:the sky, yeah, so ugly
5:i want to dance but ive got no hipbones and my kidney hangs out of my belly button
6:all i ever wanted to do was chew that dried out old kidney off his bellygut
7:too many people survived i want them all to die its too fucking loud!!!!

*train rushes by, all seven burst into a fury of dance next to the din of a passing freight train, they all run after it to catch it, flinging off their shoes with looks of complete joy and terror on their faces, they beat eachother down, two overpower the group and mount the last cars of the train, they huddle in their tuxedoes staring with bright insane eyes at the fastly passing landscape

bounce spring shuffle crumple burst shout splat scuff thunk funeral cranks

two men stand in a muddy field staring at a man hanging from a tree, he rocks back and forth his open eyes pointing to the sky, a hollow song rings from his moving lips, that comes out of the sky and drips onto his burnt waxy lips. the mans race is uninterable.the words to the hanging mans song will be inscribed as an epilogue to this vaporous script.

5:i did not think... it would be so gloomy... dont come back... dont come here... dont come here... this place is not here... this place doesnt exist for you... never come here
2:there are rolling hills and bloomy grey skies washing through my wet guts making me tipsy and delerious
5:i am lost
2:gloomsy soime thi gifinre lve two if in loscchqer sam risen
5:fold them on top of one another, fold it into reflective squares
2:sing into the mud
*fade out

*the two men fly down a hill in a wooden cart with wheels

*they crash into a parked car

hanged mans song
tooth for you
tune for me
rivers of blood
flow between clouds
frozen rivers rain flove
porus above cacts soon
lip lick sung ton he vilf veldt wirey t
will sop sponge feet
up prurient greenhouse hack toy walk
man fglros jois peel rain back
peel wuff ba ck
i wont lie i wont lie
you came here to die
rest your weary head in my hands
as i seal you under the grass
weary bodies
sick of carrying their load
set it aside
for one night of mairrage
a promenade in cold puddles
reflective passing faces overfold years
puddles teeming with lust broth
bourbon, blood, cum, sweat,rain , oil
manifests here
coiling its catchings eye