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you ask if ill wait for you
for better days
if ill see this thing through
of course i will
im a dopefiend im good
at waiting
i excel at it
no habit?
no problem i just
wait for the next one to
and fuck up my world
(kinda like you did)
i wait for the dopeman
and i wait for the sick
i wait in torturous lines
at methadone clinics
i wait while it cooks up
and i wait for it all to
i wait in the cold for the
bus half sick and scared
im sure i could wait for us.
i wait to be released
from cells
i page people and stare into
space,wait for phone calls
then stare at walls
til the doorbell rings
junkies wait
theyre good at it
i wait for everything
love ,good luck
half a brain ,anything
i wait for letters from no
one that never come
and most of all- i wait for