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john banville, Athena

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a poetic story full of exceptional but exact and enlightened metaphor about a man's inability to distinguish between real and false,genuine and faked, neither in art nor in life.... nothing and nobody in this story is what it seems to be... there is betrayal and conspiracy... things are weird... surreal... reality blurs...the man has to proove the genuineness of paintings... the names of the painters of these eight pictures are all anagrams of john banville's name... their
subjects are seduction, deception, robbery, mistrust, and so on... there is a woman called A. .... the full name is never mentioned... he trusted her, but she was one of the 'others'... playing their, lies, faking,
trompe-l'oeil.... reality withdraws just to incline again towards him in the mirror of art... until in the end the man walks into a tragicomic trap...

great book
with a thousand poems living within