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I will join you in your new love,
New America!
alone will I walk the dull white-washed
corridor of infinite reality dust
to reach
your blessed broom of salvation!

the divine ashes to ashes sword
of omniscience! of truth! of flaming justice!
the stammering void of subtlety
fueling the ink-blotted wrath
the sands of time
finally released from an hourglass cage
spill forth
thine vengeance be swift!
else will the gooey dynamo milky
starry eyes
of eternity be interrupted
by snowy haze drifting hissing
waves rollin' by

Empty your pipe burnt throats
New America!
my day of basking in your freedom
has faded
teetering on the plane right outside realism
a squatting dove eats the brains
of it's prey
in the reckoning hour
An' Ye Olde Tyme clatters on by!
and that is why I am through with You
and You, and You too.
Escaping elation to
Discover the magical world of ignorant simplicity
in solitude
without your war

Travel your lonesome old roads
kick dust from your heels
in the roasted Nevadian desert plains
wrought from your sugary brain ego-matter
Make this entrance
a whistle blowin' in the wind
Ol' Tex with his cocked six shooters
and trademark sinister sneer
bolts bullets and barrels
emptied deep into flesh
life blood flows and spills
to the ground thickening dust and dirt
and decadence self sweat love tears hate
and smily afterbirth
of spiritual finger-fucking sticky existence
swimming in the jelly of the id-self
flowing, flowing
loosening the decaying crust
which bonds space and wisdom
yet the glue itself is liquid form
ah yes, wisdom! wisdom pushes the envelope
of yer theories and relativities
Who is wise? if you can answer that then
it must be You and that makes Me wise, too!
at least alone now
I can exchange pleasantries
with the fire I once feared
when I sit in the basin of night
listening to liquid
attempting to seep in my pores
and I welcome the warmth
shower out the rings of population
engulf me in a pool of thoughts
and manic similes

Oh Ye Great Manhole of Free Society
erupt me from yer warm belly of insolence!
I, man, have realized my bestial nature
as a result of thin cotton sheets
Explode me into the whirl of infinite glee
black thin-airred starry night
Forgive my trespasses
Ancient wonder thunderbolt of life
let my blood saturate the earth
and flow freely as the wine of your countenance
let voices fade from your memory
into the endless slothful void of slumber