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new limbs for old travellers

Posted to Action Poetry

joy its all joy and moral preoccupation...when the blue light of the vile computer perception screen tunes in and turns on....this little arcade, the world wide wasteland... for fevered hearts the two-headed charmer... and the sirens smile still.... vast immutable creation in a crawl of space through networks of networks of networks.. the wire splits my nerves, the light of monoliths found inside the search thought engine... the digital fortune cookie.. im intoxicated by the pcs power always quick to pointing the come to me finger at found in the entangled music of this thought box, the constant flapping of gums west to east back again across the sea, this is where passion is held vacant... the other eye to another eye, the new voyage into the scars of what could be.. the dance of minds over a trip wire... nausea and idling wanderers of mute creation... wander along the chatter of noisy conversationalists of the frontier... the hazy moments that breathe light... the eternal conception of a war to perceive clearly, that which seems sterile and far away....