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My secret lover man..........

Posted to Action Poetry

He is the one who fills my head at night with thoughts Daddy would punish me for. I am the one who he wants and he can't help himself. Maybe he's attracted to my evrey move or my evrey way of being. Maybe he likes the words that come out of my full crimson lips unto the pages of his heart.Never before have I felt so beutiful as to when I met him. He somehow took evreything I hated bout myself and made it better. I want to meet him in the B-side movie in my dreams and well get 4 star reviews and get drunk on sex,write poetry while drinking black coffee and having breakfast the next morning. Maybe someday he'll be mine. I know he wishes for that. I know that one day my secret lover man will star in the b-side movie in my dreams......the dreams only he can understand. The dreams he made so wonderful and alarming. The dreams only he and I can share.