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Oh god yes

Posted to Action Poetry

Oh Haze
I'm sorry I missed it
I mayhave been asleep
I miss you so much
I often want to weep

I just watched you
go online and then
in a split second
gone again

Lots to talk about
I miss you
i wanna hear your shout
Over oceans true

Do you feel me
when i feel you?
Where is the me three
that is really only two?

Your smiling face
upon my wall
Tells of secrets
love and all

Silly men how
they take up time
and then you forget
your special rhyme

Oh my loving Haze
The sun god men
phew talk about craze
Gimme you true, then

Na na na nineteen
happy birthday
magic queen
I'm sorry I missed your day

I love you Haze
Really, Really