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can you explain to me how you deserve sympathy and caliscouri doesn't when you invite him thousands of miles to visit you with false promises and lies, you then proceeed to lie and cheat on the guy, and lie and cheat on Marty, you then dump the guy in a city he's never been in before, having broken all your promises to him, and then complain when he is robbed and homeless and freezing and begging for help on this board and his crime?
As far as I can see his biggest crime was NOT hitting Marty when marty is trying to play pissing contests against caliscouri, knowing the stakes, and with a girlfriend at home, and then to compound things he threatens caliscouri with a bottle, and you whinge and moan on here about how hard done you are and caliscouri should shut up?
Personaly I find it all hard to see, when someone lies and cheats and breaks promises and plays two guys like a game of tennis and then lies and schemes about it and sends out bullshit e-mails and tries to play the sympathy card, I find that a bit sucky, and cecil? This is the person you had to protect? I think you were protecting the wrong person, and maybe that long overdue apology of yours should get posted, perhaps you shouldn't be replied to until you can begin a post with truth? and some of you other people need to take a look at their philosophies on life too, they really are quite twisted and weird when you see threatening people with bottles as ok, you see cheating as ok, you see breaking promises as ok, you see lies as ok, you see leaving a guy cold and homeless on a street as ok, you see using a person as ok, but the person says shit about it and it's a problem? you want to get your priorities right, reading this page today and over the last couple of weeks has been like reading a springer script, and it's sad to see that some of you can't see that you're worse than those sorts of people you laugh at on springer, I beg some of you people to actually think about what happened, pull your heads down from out your asses and stop poisoning this site with your perverted bullshit and evil posts, if you have nothing posotive to add you should have added nothing, how old are some people here? 4 or 6? because that's the way you have behaved, yes I am adding to it by making this post but for christs sake some one needs to wake some of you people up, you talk bullshit all day on these boards about love, religious views, philosophies and then when it comes to reality you are sadly a million miles away from what you talk about, I am joining the ever increasing people who are staying away from this site until some of you grow up, your stupid shit over the last few weeks has been to much, I feel sorry for Levi, he's worked hard on this site only to see a few people tear it to bits playing school yard, I'll check back from time to time, hopefully to find the few petty people who have spoilt this site finally growing up.