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Another One Gone (multiple tributes in here)

Posted to Tribute to Ken Kesey

Another One Gone

For George Harrison RIP
Written Dec. 2/2001

I think of Bukowski's poem "Where the writers?"
Churn those famed names
over in my mind
and ask myself the same question;
try to take account of oceans of words written
and countless poets lost in the widening stream
As I too sink into the morose landscape of piles
of Warsteiner cans
slumped across my carpet.

I'm thinking of the human element of this planet
a billion births
and the faded posters once proclaiming terra firma
now all stapled down with a new improved
Wasteland motif
of the electronic variety.

Think of well-heeled young Turks and
and long haired Adonises who shook
foundations with curly locks and invective
a long time ago:

The Fisher king Prankster himself
Acidriffman Kesey gone for one more boat ride
to the River of Forgetfullness ,
following Garcia to Acidheaven
Purdy and Richler riding shotgun in the
same damned skiff
and tonight The Quiet Beatle falls by the wayside
while rain and rain and rain
convulses this city into chaos