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The GenX road story.

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This is going to eventually be a LONG work, this is just about where the middle will be, it is actually the ROUGH ROUGH ROUGH journal entry of how it actually happened, which I am still putting in because a lot happened, and there are a lot of mundane details to expound on. This is basically, however the point that most of the big controversies start, so it will become more and more interesting with each new post. Since this is a journal website, the oldest post is at the bottom of the page. BY ALL MEANS START THERE IF YOU WANT THIS TO MAKE SENSE. The topmost piece is the last post, and you dont want to start there, for the story will be ruined for you. Here is the webpage:

 An Indian River Runs Through It

I also have a main webpage that will have a link to this soon enough, and already has quite a bit of my ever-growing poetry anthology, "Nicotene Visions" on it:
 Superboy's Page