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Face Me, My Angel

Posted to Poetry

Why is it, your heart can lie aching for me to touch it...
Yet my phantom cannot face me? Even the shadows must feel the ray of the Sun's warmth, though I am not there...Now and then, alone in there...I know your eyes look to find me below a painting of yesterday's memories....passing by when you feel my presence near, and noticing how correct you were. Yes, much deeper than the one you're seeing... the one you love now that made you sacrifice me like a virgin, for amusement in your mind fuckings...Don't you dare feel sorry for me, you love me, don't you dare feel sorry for me. We both have skeletons we are ashamed of, but I would NEVER have done that to you! Our closets stuffed with misbehavior and youth, things that set us apart from the average and make you a part of me. My dark angel, surely not all love you take interveniously...Remember that, you love me next time you lash out. Face me, I deserve that.