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allow it to come

Posted to Poetry

Throw a dime on the altar
a silver dollar cracked and bleeding cuz it has no worth
worthless because the ocean is its familiar-its womb
products and sea life are just a ghost of
oceans purpose to bring back in-cleaning methods that don't work
the way words guide me
steering wheel without hands
geometric lines of highway life running parallel to death
turn signal flashing but stuck on vertabrae that spindles options just to taunt
Do not let my feet graze stone
upside down world where stalagtites grow towards sun instead of dripping away
rock tears
sarcophogus literature
Let the ink guide me
Something shit
Northstar stark naked white pupils that can't be seen in smog breath
lung cough of the earths bed sickness
roll sheets back
roll back yellow eyes to stare at my own crown