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A Girl's Heart (tentative title)

Posted to Poetry

I haven't written in a year, I'm hoping to start again if I can find my style. It's a rough draft but please let me know what you think ...

Put me on the first plane out!
I have to see the Greatest Wall
and I have to know the Sistine Chapel
is alive and well.
The pyramids are still there,
but I must know
with the last fibers of my brain
it's true.
For I trust the Discovery Channel
as far as I can throw it.
Morning's nuclear sun, waking pond, and black fisherman.
200 feet away.
Dew glistens
next to unnatural rocks
I learned to ignore.
They serve no direct purpose it's safe to say
-that would be the stones I'm ignoring-
Very tedious.
(like loose skin by my fingernails)
Where did the world go right?
Before luxuries brought apathy.
What misery prompted construction for redemption?
I must see beauty
I must breathe it
To know it still exists and that I still can.