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Last Day In Paris

Posted to Poetry

Sailed...Said the tattered heart
After it had blown wide open

For it only seems proper etiquette
That it shield a new diagnosis

Aching that finally feels justified
Someone finally gave me their name

That lacks the lustre that a new
Marriage of love should feel

Losses taken very personal
Felt the smarting of missing someone, too much...

Beyond, what I was physically able
Though I follow a long list of predecessors

The family tree is sheltering
Line of numerous broken heart diseases

Plucking us off, such hopeless romantics
Numbness, I wander away...

Into the wilderness, with nothing left
To say, where no one notices

The shaking of my hands, or
Can see the fear of dying here

Despite the years of wishing it
Friends won't see the burn go out

The flicker they'll imagine shone brightly
Even gave them reasons for opening

For holding onto something, more than a minute...
See, everything pales now in comparison

To what could've been, or was
The love of a lifetime, I've never had

Besides a career, that failed to love me back
No one need see me feeling sorry for myself

Losing the glow, or watching me die
The caterpillar girl, became a butterfly

If only in circles, without the sunlight on them
And I shall reflect on the spotlights, this feeling I had

Which once fell upon my dyed red hair
For a moment, I was part of something big...

Where it scarcely mattered how I fit
The rest of the world, for once I wanted in...

To feel that Sun, and the warmth that it lends
Slipping quietly into the horizon

Dancing soon, with the children in Heaven
Forever I will be young, and awaiting company

The flecks will still sparkle, as I watch over you
Kissing you softly with the pale moonlight

Loving was my one great sin(and greatest fight)
That might keep me drifting...instead of resting

But nothing will matter in the end, know how I loved...
My friends, and remember you made up this, my world

Brought me into the picture, loved me for who I am
ALWAYS...I'll be near you, with my whispers on the wind