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this is unfinished as of right now just wanted to hear some thoughts

church bells in my
living hell
playing games
with my head
i am the living dead
progressing towards
less dread
or so i thought
but the way i’m going
gives me more instead
misdirection misguiding
steps in the wrong way
fake tones in what they say
lead me astray and away
from finding my meaning
and giving substance
to a life that’s less than gleaming
with any shine of greatness
but will there be anytime
when i can let it go and try to find
the realness that eludes me
and rests only in my mind
which is an illusion in itself
because of the battering
induced daily and thinking
getting all the time in the way
setting more barriers than before
reality is only a figment created
by the socially capable who
are incapable of recognizing their
insanity which is everything
their lives is made of, the
useless uninterested conversations
how’s the weather where you from
nothing to form real relations