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un Titled

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Fresh smiles like ice glinting.
Fake looks of true feeling.
So who are you fooling?
Stealing that break that you got with the guard down,
and tip toeing sideways and under and seeping.
The skin raw and unblemished until you stick with your meaning.
And twist and so tainted you’ve broken into somewhere you never were welcome.

How about after 3 if everyone starving?
I’ll count while you wither and stagger so weakly you’ll wonder what happened,
what ever went on.
I’ll wonder too, only stunned and more quietly
Drinking in empty and selling,
pretending like every,
like you ever knew.

There’s no need to be so all consuming in your love of all those and there ways in your favourite mind games and toys with calm headaches.
I couldn’t help knowing and couldn’t help opening when someone or something so closed,
is fair game.

So doggedly stubbornly definitely fair game...

So doggedly stubbornly definitely fair game...