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Who here knows from...

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Who here knows from love?
Show of hands?

And I mean really knows from love

Not as in that somethin' that you fall into
some mud puddle muddlement of surface enamourment
where the call of the wild side
infatuation slick sex glide
finds you slippin' and slidin' a skipping stone
on the smooth waters surface
til you find that
when the water's shut off
you've been riding a cheese grater
wrapped in sandpaper
dipped in iodine
all 'cause time was a wastin'
and being back at his/her place
for some anonymous fluid swap game
seemed the same as love in your lonlieness
trust me
I speak from past experience

And not like the diffused abused
everyday wind twisted vocabulary way
we sway from this to that to find the
phattest of the phat next best thing
where the word love is cracked
like wad of hot pink bubble gum
succumbing to the tongue numbing triviality
that is synonymous with 'nice' and 'interesting'
and 'polycotton blend'
all bent outta shape
draped glam glitz garishly
'round cars, CDs, clothes

when the word 'love' is cut in this context
it bleeds some heartless watered down pre-fab plasma

It becomes all asthmatic and gasping for air
beneath layers of hair spray and condiments
and acoutrement and it loses all of its beautiful sting
just look at the slicked back me
coiffed and primped and preened
trying to give meaning to what is lost
amidst my dross of verbiage
via the pop culture triviality that seeps into
this verse you'll see what I mean
when I say this rhyme is the sign of my times
(hope I ain't committing any doggerel crimes)


I am where my eyes get diverted downwards
watching my feet walk me through glassware building valleys
not meeting the mountain ranges powerful stare
for fear that the nearer my eye reaches that goal
the clearer the face of god becomes
and when that sunburst sum is totalled
I fear I will have sold out to the coldness
I project protecting me from loves powerful purity
feeling that I can't live up to this…

Who here knows from love?

I'm asking for a sense of grounded reality here
Tell me 'bout your dog, your children your lover
And saccharine it up all syrupy sweet so's I can find solace
In your words meeting my ears clearly
is it that sentimentality has become underrated
In everyday speech 'cause the words that
Once meant something have been leeched dry by
communications of the ironic kind?
Y'know, where we think we reach to attain goals of connection by
Blind siding with irony in order to
Best express distress amidst something so much bigger
Than the best of us
Thereby missing the mark entirely

So, I vow from this day forth to only use the word
When it is in relation to something that is required for my existence
that I may travel a lifetimes distance with