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you come back to read again, as i did.
Lots of good stuff here. I like the
concept as well. I've had a ringing
in my ears for most of my life, the
result of a childhood accident. I find
that when i am focused it goes away,
like a toothache does, when you are
interested in something outside of yourself.
You recognize this as you write you want to
let go and get in touch with the "..realness
that eludes." Most betray the same yearning
with their over-use of the words: 'actually' and 'positively'. As for "..misdirection mis-
guiding.." what else could happen? Listen
politely but, heed your inner voice. Keep in
mind that no one knows what reality is, really.
As Cat Stevens wrote, "We're all on the road
to find out."