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baltimore in the ghetto around north avenue he said fuck jesus

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it kind be a bad thing to be too color blind when there was a time to get my white ass out of there instead i must have thought i was LBJ "let us reason together"
he came up behind me and hit me along side my head with a two by four, working out of a frieght haulers union 557 me and "Rerun" got sent to yellow frieght that day and i was giving him a ride home, funny how you work with good men and after a while you just don't think much about co workers skin color but after i droped my teamster brother off at his house i was stoped at a stop sign when this little niger came up and started beating on my car i got out to see what his malfunction was. after he hit me i picked up four foot piece of four by four off the rubble heap and faced each other like Ringo and Billy the kid, crowd of afro american people gathered around us silently watching