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Not sure what else to say, but...


I have printed that off and will file it because the words and the flow are amazing... great imagery and a great question we all ask..

Here was my immediate response... for what it's worth...

I’d like to think that my hand
is raised not because I want to be
recognized but because I have an

Love is about feelings, fear, worry,
hope and dreams, not about
what the score is in the game we play
at night

About the late night wake up wondering
'How did I get here and what is she doing
lying here – how did she fall in
love with me… or I in her?'

Then remembering the times
laughing sharing not really caring
what the rest of the world was saying
just living for each other and our

Now it’s waking hearing a little
cry or moan at night coming
from down the hall and not
waiting but jumping out of bed
rushing to bedside to comfort
cold-sweated little angel crying

That’s love

It’s the feeling when two
little voices sang ‘happy birthday’
and remembered the words
had such excitement on their faces
because it was my day and they
loved me

My hand is raised because
I’m proud of where I am and
I want the whole world to