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nostalgia for bohemia

Posted to Poetry

yeah i'm beat down/entrenched in p-modern tension
got the demo profile of a fleabiter
-i got my ESP disk
-i got my zen tree
(feng shui)
-i gotta heart aflame
the sensibilities of innocence
...a moment
bridled by immediate alloverness magnetic waves galing(galimatias)
esoteric typewriter (they say) one finger all the way thru
never alone/allways open
to keep close to your head,
knowing that this world will always be going on
one way or another brother sister all linked by
somewhat magickal strings
run along the edges
run about the edges
we're down in the trenches goddammit
it ain't what it pretends
e-vryone is gnosis underneath the gloss
aiming at easy targets hit
simplified like a color saying "go",redlight
the painted word
alone or string'd,seem to bring a winglike freedom
as particular as A. Aylers' ghost
not a sword
but a sun,
to burn