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I can relate

Posted to Poetry you feel
as if you said what
I oughta have shouted out
but didn't a week ago
when left behind-
he hasn't called
though I messaged I missed
his familiar arms funny
he can't make up which
of his three exes
he wants or all
at the same time to flirt
in spring the old lion's
old jokes fuckin' happy
no more his doormat
waiting him home
to sleep alone

my windows wide open for
creative active amazing life
my imagination hobbies
the Beats on my desk
my cozy home I own
freedom to choose
my loved one too
dear I'll press you
tight no not suffocate
I'll gently touch
feel your cheek
look in your eyes
can I see love in them?
I still wonder
could they have been his?
making love
is not all that matters
respect in your eyes
and repeated hugs
taking care
that is