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The Australian Outback PC

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poem i wrote for lame competition about the outback

The Australian Outback

cruel land of humourless contradiction
sparse perverted plains
traversed by air-conditioned trojans
registering unknowing minds
aflutter with tourist-wonder
while local idiom fallacy breeders
choke back their flaccid contempt

the righteous outback

leathery lizard soul-ed farmers
slaves to the ever glowing fiery temptress
of unfulfilled thirst
slaves to the yearly torrents of destruction
wrought by heavens harsh
slaves to the plastic hearts
of the far away monoliths

the indignant outback

the never-rued land of
parched loneliness
of burgeoning incestuous desires
of ignorance fettered by
the bleak shadows of a hope unsure
and the barbed wire
of a nations pervading ethereal lyricism

the languid outback

filthy creek-beds of unguarded lust
sourcing beanie-clad alcoholics the
glue-sniffing children of a lost culture
belligerently controlled by the sorry-less white-blue boys
with the solemn eyes and black batons ushering
suicides in prisons of endless space
and the sleek spectre of genocide

the torturous outback

self fulfilling pinafore politicians
stirring bigotry inbred
akubra-clad hate with a
sick determination for improvement
and the cold force of the uneducated
slutty leaders attempting to preserve and advance
shrill nasty voices turned blundstone inspiration

the ugly outback

elastic to the eyes
a heady guide to the finite
a squalid and magnificent space
littered with tall fenced encirclements where refugees
lay with mouths sown and souls shattered
as the land heaves with sorrow and the
nation stares with pride at the endless dirt

The Australian outback

By Josh O’Rourke