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A Little, Lost.

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This is my first time using this board, I am 17 years old and just starting to find my feet in poetry, go easy please:)


With the soft lap of the sea we played.
Eager fingers thrust deep into the saturated sand.
Running a little further up the beach,
We left dark blisters in our wake,
As the thick mud fell from our cupped hands.
From the sodden boundary of land and sea
We toiled against the sun’s baking heat,
To build huge empires,
Of aqueducts, viaducts, castles and tunnels.

With pebble monuments,
And twigs of driftwood standing in for tree lined avenues.
A Navy of lollypop sticks also
Navigating our many canals.
All with proud feather flags flying,
(Thanks to roosting gulls the night before.)

We tried to bridge one of the seas natural channels,
Where a mountains rain ran through,
With a beam from a broken fence.
Though grand dreams of expansion where quickly quelled,
When the bridge collapsed under its own weight.

Not satisfied with cutting development short,
Fate dealt a nasty card.
She brought rain to mottle our fair buildings,
And a tide to wash them down.

The city hall, the viaducts, the arches,
And all the avenues washed back towards the sea,
All remaining was the failed bridge,
Which was now but a dam,
Letting more water flood our doomed city.

It was our own fault I suppose,
“No firm foundations”,
(misused lollypops as my friend suggested)
“We’ll build another one tomorrow”, I said,
“Except this time, no bridges”.
With that I broke a sodden lollypop stick,
And handed half to my friend,
So that he could get the sand
From beneath his nails as well.