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an apologetic dance the morning after the denial of a new moon

Posted to Poetry

how can i apologize for tomorrow?
and can i say i'm sorry for the sorrow
of yesterday, words spewed like venom,
a snake called death coiled 'round the breath
of a dream, a dance of critique in pique,
the mind and heart trapped in the fire
of desire, the speaking too soon
without the benefit of thought,
tight the taut wire o'er the flame,
a slip of meter blamed, the error of a tongue
which should be cut out with a knife!

oh where can i find the blade?

can i trade my mouth for eyes?
so blind i am, so myopic,
watching tropical miracles
get wrapped up in a hurricane,
twisted, the wind blowing sands of Time
beneath my lids,

oh how murderous stabs of lines can be!
we, in the whirl of twirl of dance,
the chance of lucidity

can today i crawl inside
your eyes and offer remedy,
give you solace from the pain of stolen years
which have eaten your skin and stained your heart?
what part of yesterday can i erase?
would you like to taste my love
and can i pull your face
to my breast to nurse you,
write you verses which cause tears
to delight with the sight of the meter?
can i take your hand and walk silently
beside you on solid land
to a place sweeter than eden?
what part of tomorrow can i say i'm sorry for?
will one apology due to settle the score
of what may never be or a destiny of peace
with two hearts yielding, marred by the pity
of being human, errors like free radicals
permeating the air sometimes?
can i get on my knees in front of you
while you hold my head in your hands
and take you in until you forgive me,
glad my tongue was not cut out?
can i be your free verse?
your sonnet? your couplet?
your rhyme?

always the timing is off
an hour here, a day there,
so unfair the clamor of ticks and tocks
which mock the journey and i am torn,
my soul worn from the walk,
tears clean my cheeks in the wake
of mistakes, lessons never learned,
but there is something about the seduction
of a mystery, something pure in the evolving
of history, like a settling of a debt,
nothing ever to forget except
the words which sometimes leak out
like the seeping of a stench of liquid
from a bag of garbage not sealed tight
and now i want to know, how do i apologize
for the lying day, make amends
for the offense of a tattered night,
and would it be all right to apologize
for tomorrow? please can i take the sorrow
i may cause from my mouth and turn it into
streams of joy? oh are there any other words
i can employ?