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Tough loving this oppositional defiant disorderly
Full of faulty wiring, things not worth mention
His HOLINESS has penis envy, and the cradle's rocking
To dishevel, what was once normal and sane

In spite of requisitioning here, he's tormented
Compelled to living in the New Millenium
Although evolving doesn't seem possible
Seeing life go on...without his knowledge

Revealing the answers, to his great mystery
Even if no one is asking, or paying attention
All pissed off, and seeking out retalliation

Little darling's throwing a temper tantrum
For things aren't going his way, two gonads PUMPED on prosperity
The heat of the moment, sorting loads a missile approaching
Punished we witnessed, losing his steam on this mission

Fission, a melting reconstruction
Vile diffusion, of Mount St. Helen's
Head to toe, in protective covering
Building one mega shiny shelter from lava soup

All that, riding into the sunset, bent
Stiffies diminshed with a hangman scene
Such a sad state to watch it swingin'
While frothin at the mouth, a rabid freight train

His HEINOUS with his nose disjointed, meds ala whacked
Shoveling in his Trazadone, with hopes to come back
With a raging HARD-ON and temper all in check
To finish the world and go laughing on to Heaven

Grinning gaily with two clouds between his thighs
This war is over, and he's conquered the planet
Superhero was an undercover agent, this secret
For the DEVIL himself, making one giant sandwich

MMMM, full. :)~ 2422