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down not out

Posted to Poetry

when i’m down i’m not really out
but that’s when i realize what i’m all about
reduce the mind and body to it
understand everything a little bit
never fully comprehend living
the reason behind anything
if there’s a reason behind anything
probably not, it’s just a joke played by
the man
laughing upstairs so hard until he
fell from the sky with thunder surrounding
and lightning lighting his way, his
uncontrollable spill, and landing
on his big soft blanket of hilarity,
humility, and trickery so he’s fine
and deducts away more of my time
to stand around wondering why
the best things are invisible, sound,
love, feelings, emotions, all invisible.
funny joke.
feel good getting what i get
even though the best is yet to come,
yet, when is that? never will know
never will get the things i want the most
never can see them, so how can i be them?