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They Remember my Name (please critique)

Posted to Poetry

A cold East Coast beach
remembered my name.
With all the wierd
sand castles and waves ridden
and waited for,
bobbing in the water.
And collected pebbles and
shells of special interest
taken home with me in
my pockets,
holding beauty.

And an old wooden surfboard
who rode the swell all day
and carried home under my arm;
all of this, it
remembers my name.

And the girls running around,
who I shared summer kisses with.
Who I shared summer secrets with,
because I wouldn't be
judged for it.
All the little bikini's would
remember my name.

And the beach parties,
running wild by the light of
an August sunset, and watching
the final echos of my child
wilt away.
All the fun and incredible kicks
we had on the beach
by a bon fire.
Those bon fires...
they remembered my name.

And the summer friends
I never had, who chatted and
went home early with their
families. As I stayed to
watch the lifeguards leave,
so I could swim beyond the boundries,
alone with the woodie.
And I could ride the biggest waves,
and catch the last moment of dusk
in an ecstatic ride of the
perfect wave.

And so I would walk home by
early moonlight, squinting
into the headlights of the passing cars,
who never knew where they were going.
Who left the beach too early to really
see it for the first time.

All the sunbathers and tourists,
who never felt free on the beach,
just another landmark to be covered
so they could take pictures.
Who didn't even notice me watching,
and trying to show them
all the things they were missing.