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>>>begin transmission XVII 01 MMII

here i am the shadow of a naked angel
know my heart and love it
lay me down beside four-leaf clovers
and whisper to me with wind
lay with me in utter confidence
this naked angel spreading wings
carry me to safety
engulf and enshroud with those feathery curtains
entombed for eternity

on these cliffs a mind was born
of thought surpassed by god
expansion of eternity
through electronic warfare
digital interface to a heavenly body
a shrine to lay thine eyes

those eyes
they're on me

does she know?
does he suspect?
is it all too much to assume?...

this pedestal is faltering
this image still not clear
i want to whisper madness
into that lovely ear...

that's all they see, my insanity
and what they can reap from me
they want my soul, and so much more
they all want my dream...

i fear for myself in times of doubt
normally i just carry on
but when the bottle hits the lips
and we embrace in bitter kiss
i kick out those around me...

on my rooftop
arms in a V
i am awesome
no one can touch me.


>>>end transmission XVII 01 MMII