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Cyberwild ideaspace digital frontier
no gold gold rush wildeyed boomtown
Cyberville mainstreet still lined
with whorehouses wishin
they wuz casinos
every plucky newsletter can strut like the
New York Times
all approaches to any Main Event
are customarily lined with all manner
of hucksters cons & wierdos with
freak acts and sideshows and games of luck or skill
to systematically draw an audience in
a procession of foreplay mounting in
pitch and frenzy the nearer one is drawn
to the center ring big payoff & climax
Not here in DisneyDigitLandWunderWorld
where we all exist as loveable graphic icons
No, here the sideshow goes on and on
forever never reaching the Main Act
just getting wierder & freakier more and more
Webster Webdude cybercipher
even the existential is rendered void
to the nub when essence is
diluted in the (dataflow) datastream
essence AND existence overwhelmed
awash in the current currant
jitterbug flood of banshee bits
all human knowlege and history
enunciated in a two-word vocabulary
When we dive into this ocean
our bodies dissolve
We become beings of pure thought
we pivot on all axes in the
realm of thoeries, notions and fomulae.