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Bongwater Venus

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I have been a Bongwater Venus.
I have used my Welfare Cheque
to scrape weed I hadn't paid for yet
into a rolling paper I had to borrow.
I know the meaning of Down & Out.

I have been a Turntable Isis.
I have danced where I knew the DJ could see me
and I have excercized my abs before doing so.
I have glittered, and boa-ed and platform shoe-d.
I know how to Party.

I have been a Lavalamp Madonna.
i have stayed up all night philosophizing with friends
about how we were all gonna make it big one day.
I know the value of a Plan, whether it comes together or not.

I have been a Drinkin' Desdemona.
I've tried Sex on the Beach, Cocaines, Blow Jobs, Orgasms, Fuzzy Navels, and once I had a Long Sloe Comfortable Screw.
I know what it's like to Indulge.

I have been a Tabledance Diana.
I've accepted tips without using my hands,
and swung upside down on the brass pole.
I've sold my likeness, but not my soul.
I know the Value of a Dollar.

I have been a Crackpipe Astarte.
I have sucked that glass dick and sucked it long and hard.
I've gone 3 nights without sleep, thrown up in alleys, and done things I can't now recall.
I know what it is to Hit Rock Bottom.

I have been an Ashtray Demeter.
My voice has been described as "bourbon and cigarettes"
but it's 4 years now since I butted out.
I know the meaning of Willpower.

I have been a Witch Heloise.
I have sat in a circle of women and chanted the name of the Goddess by the light of the Full Moon.
I have been healed by Her Presence.
I know the meaning of Religion AND Oppression.

I have been a Nurse Nightingale.
I have sat at the bed of a dying friend and held a straw
to his lips for water.
I have felt the audible exchange of energy between our hands
as the lifeforce slowly drained from his body.
I know what it's like to Lose a Friend.

I have been a Virginal Nimue.
I have quivered at the touch of a boy and
cried my first convulsing tears deep into his neck.
I've cried when he said he would call, but didn't.
The smell of cotton T-shirts and muscle cars still takes me there.
I know the meaning of Desire.

I have been a Bellydancing Bathsheba.
I have shaken gold coins on my thighs and my ribs, and twirled with my veil like an invisible partner.
I have undulated for my own pleasure.
I know how to Rejoice.

Yes, I have been an experimental girl.
I have been all these things, all these people, all these women.
I have flown jet-settingly all over the world, to share drinks with stranger than the likes of you here.


All for one simple reason.

To know what I was capable of.
To know if anything really is possible.
To know what it means to Live.

And I, friends and strangers, tired as I may be,
I am still
amazingly alive.
Though bloodied in battle, I smile.

Cuz I've raved, and I've vamped,
and I'm sometimes still rocking,
but she who limps
is still fucken walking!!!

This is my Swan Song. Thank you for reading it all the way through. Please leave any comment you like, I enjoy your responses.

Still Dancing Around to Feel the Sweet Sensation,
Vaselina Glamatron.