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Out of the stereo

Posted to Poetry

Black slime slopping out of tape recorder.
Whirling around, the record claws its way out of the speaker.
The icy, ebony filth overflowing, gurgling with anger.
Through the sludge the music coughs and splutters out…
“I am the melody of shit.”

A screwed up drum beats away,
obscurity covers it as seventeen guitars warp over the rhythm.
“This is the memory of you.”
The bass oscillates betwixt the violent crashing of cymbals and gongs.
“Smash! The mind recalls!”
The vociferous shrieking roars out beyond the pulsating black broth.
“The rotten guts of the Ormigan-Ormigan.”

The black concoction of life detonates
and splatters over the ground.
The music culminates into an orgasm of fury and brutality.
In the damp dark scum, entrails and fragments of memory and
recollection flop and suffocate like drowning fish.
Standing over it I see my
reflection in the shit.
I look at my face in the dirty goo of
memory and I see something…