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1. taste of seasons

a ceaseless
down rivulet endless flow

savor those
it permits
us to know

peppery winter
blacks, grays
sunless days

habanero summer
saffron fires
sweat, perspire

cilantro spring
leafy greens
tepid, pristine

ginger autumn
russet, brown
waning ground

the subtle taste
of seasons
that we knew

and make
palatable the
as their
flavors do imbue

2. aware (nature speaks)

the single stream
it speaks to me
without a single word
splashing sputters
and bubbling mutters
through bends and
S shaped curves
round valleys nigh
and hills of high
it grants my ear
its gift
I stoop to
get a better hear
it sprays me
as it lisps

the lonely tree
it talks to me
of things I’ve seldom heard
in rustling leaves
by a rattling breeze
and secrets of
the birds
top prairies low
the roots do sow
for waters deep
they sift
I walk
in hopes
I’ll hear their search
top leaves that
whisper crisp

the stretching field
it lectures me
in intermittent waves
the chatter
and the matters
of endless
windblown blades
it quivers
quaintly shivers
holds me tight
as I do tread
inviting me
to consummate
the phrases
gone unsaid

the silent sounds
that nature speaks
too often go
but when aware
I've found I hear
the implicated words

3. carpe noctem

devoid light
save the stars
darkness stretches
near as far
nature's still life
painted black
impressionist strokes
new moons begat
errant whispers
nocturnal sighs
as shadows caress
day's darkened thighs
the real dark night
within the soul
is 3:00 A.M.
top unlit knolls
when all's serene
sans incandescence
where night's breath
revives swift as penance
enveloped by
a world concealed
where everything
you trust you feel
though eyes deceive
there's naught to fear
the night deserves
only revere
revel the moment,
and realize
that night's just day
in a better disguise
the dawn is nigh
luminance will ensue
so seize the night
as night besieges you

4. I'm no more a child

mother dearest
can you hear this
are these words not sound
I'm no more a child
as a ton
is twenty pounds

father fondest
am I noticed
standing tall and thin
I'm no more a child
as a tithing is a sin

sisters sweetest
can I trust
you look beyond my youth
I'm no more a child
as denial
seeks the sooth

as for me
do I perceive
that I have fully grown
I'm no more a child
as my family
feels a home

5. smile

I’d forgotten how a simple smile
could guide you through a day
adhering to your nature
in its enigmatic way
the upward tilt of lips
tepid creases in the dermis
on the verge of veering down
it very capably can turn us
comes in company of winks
cutest dimples or half moons
and that spot above the mouth
curving like a tiny spoon
there is nothing as endearing,
by experience I’ve trusted,
as the early light that twinkles
from a welcoming bicuspid