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blessed are those who sleep well at night

Posted to Poetry

anger and frustration all rolled into one;
wrapped up like a burrito; and forced fed like a tongue; tainted with spite for the one who's adored;
joker played melody's; stuck on remorse;
capture these cool hard feelings; take them in, give them a home; name them, play with them, they are your own;
with colors like candy to dazzle the eye;
distract from the mission at hand; and all that implies;
deep, centered, selfish; a teetotal prick;
there's world going on beyond the tip of your dick;
visions of blood stained carpets and walls;
mighty are the chosen and mighty they fall;
beg to be different; beg to be forgiven;
but everything's different in kamikaze heaven;
these rules that don't apply; nothing goes right;
thoughts of the first time with visions of fright;
connect with the little madness; everyone has some, and knows; drink like a hooker, smoke like a whore; fuck like a madman, walk out the door.

*i'd like some responses to this, let me know what you think