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Sex now there is a good word to get someone’s attention at the beginning of a sentence. Now days I suppose mp3 would work just as well.
But this is all about the road and sex and dope and the road and hopefully redemption

Dreaming about the sweet love we just made and a slip of the lip can sink a ship and the slip of a condom can cause a woman grief.
And all I could do was see that she was right, could not see how I could stand in her way, not easy for a woman like her to have an abortion but she had two daughters pubescent and adolescent to care for, and having a baby with a asswhole like me was not an option. One thing for sure the romance was over and I was too much of a richard head to understand. Became a problem and a pest to all my friends. Reminds me of Sylvia plath “could tell he was a woman hater” I think that was my malfunction trying to hang on to a woman like she was some card that had been dealt to me