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don't you stir the mud!

Posted to Poetry

This is not
the right place or time
to discuss
the problems of old,
don't you know?
in order to impress the mob
it's always best
to appear
waving a gun,
and resolve
all disputes
using violence
and brute force.

Spare logic and reason
off the onslaught,
use language only
as a plainly utilitarian communication tool
until all points are completely understood,
for if you dare defy
the demigods of insanity
there will be only rainy seasons
pouring over our fields,
which are already green
and lush
and wet enough
by the rainy clouds of our own,
don't you stir the mud!
the immaculate uniform of imagination
has no need for indelible stains of blood.

va apr 14 2002