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~~this is my first serious poetry post here... it's the result of several ideas i've had floating around in my head for a while - you might say it has undergone evolution and may yet undergo more changes. anyway, hope u like, lemme know what you think. [plz don't be afraid to say if it's a load of crap!] DH. ~~


Staring at the walls, watching the walls while
the ticking of the clock punctuates thought.

My mind is lost, gone wandering thru a
perpetual ancient labyrinth-

Early morning now, sun shining outside,
background noise of engines and birdsong,
all the broken-stringed instruments
lay around me, all the mementoes
I kept from the previous life -
and the memories, the memories of
when I thought as a child, before
I told myself all was vanity,
when I could look out upon the world
without a hint of disgust.

And so now the lines are all down,
now the world looks a darker place,
but there still remains a trace
of the vision I once glimpsed.