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wishing for redemption

Posted to Poetry

I sat and looked at a memory entangled in a mystery
My childhood lye on top those winding branches
Curving towards an older me

I wanted to climb that tree and feel what it meant to be free once more
I needed something to take away from the dull moment
Left shading myself on tee #17
Tired, and losing it
I cried to remember and pleaded to relive

Those hemlock branches stretched bold and beautifully
In front of me, showing their strength
Mocking my weakness.
I looked upon the member of humanity yet I couldn’t reach its trunk
Mercy was relentless that afternoon showing me no relief.

I wanted a memory; it showed me the sun
I look for an answer; it gave me a grade
What comes upon me that makes me yearning to retrace a memory
To go back and live those adolescent wonder years.

I once wished to skip years and grow out of that burdening age
But only now do I see the fruit of those days.
The days where I climbed, instead of worried
When I looked far out into the valley from atop that birch tree, glee and shining
Instead of starring out a classroom window stricken with boredom.

I lifted a dream and grew into a destiny.
Filled with honey and sweets I dug towards an era of good feelings
But why am I not feeling the way I’m supposed to?
I once wished to grow up and be a part of it
But only now do I see how much a part of it I was.

Give me a way to slip down
Let me remember those listless days of climbing
Those days of independence
The glory days.