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Love Bandits ( oops same thing )

Posted to Poetry

While sharing in the creation of the Big Pcture
Or hands became intertwined in a blue mist ...
I lost mine with yours,
Our arms formed crossroads.
I remembered that time you said,
"You stole my heart, but you let it slip away."
I wonder if that was ever true ...
I just wanted to forget all the troubles you'e been through. .
Even though we're close- we're not together
My hands are nervous coloring- Im coloring the red outside of the lines-
Destiny is taunting us--
Our Sublime Soul Bond is weaved with each spiritual encounter-
I'm moving slow as a glacier towards you..
What life are you on ... the one where we finally get togehter hopefully ..
If we're not soul mates from a past life-
We will be somedays- - -
Maybe we will just continue on into enternity
Boundless parallel rays of light-
never meant to cross ...
One way though ...
If we could step through the "V" in the Willow tree ..
And be transported to a parallel universe,
One where we, Bandits of Love- may bask with bliss bounded hearts- This life may be our chance ...
Illuminate my shadowed dreams. Please.