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actually, when i shave my legs get red and bleed

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the comic Cathy (cindy? cheri?) is just one more reason why you should be happy my cunt smells like fish (a forest if you put your face in far enough) my legs have fur to keep me warm (oh i know you'd love that stubble baby but..) don't talk to me, talk to my neck, to that hickey right below my chin you know cathy'd say conceal or reveal or stiletto staccato get douched get loose get a tuck there, pin there, sin win everywhere, get a man, honey, to provide you with the money..
cathy is just one more reason why i clip my nails so i don't break them shoveling, punching, building a mind where women don't worry about shaving bumps, cellulite lumps, blaming your grumps on pre-menstruation when maybe perhaps it's this dehumanizing nation (maybe that's why it lasts the whole month long?) and not just for women , for anyone sick of stereotypes and impersonalization, trying to make an image, a living, a sound resonation
well, between my thighs lies a paradise not a 24 hour slurpee 7-11, baby.. she can take her pills, her cheap makeup breakup thrills, losin rest over breast size and empty eyes, but i'll cry and die and suck your skin dry and throw my dirty hands up to the sky thanking creation for this body and soul of mine
and if you think that isn't sexy darlin show me wax kits wonderbras tweezers and your self esteem
maybe then you'll see what i mean
and maybe beauty isn't quite what it seems
maybe being sold isn't really what we need.
(fuck you, cathy is just ONE more reason..)