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not the tree, but it's leaVings

Posted to Poetry

I'm a climb me up
to the next branch
and see
the view from atop of me
it's occasional storm warnings
amongst warmth
and crisp march
clear mornings
and stay up their all day
or falling
and it's leadings to landing
feelings you're beneath me
and no longer seeing
you as just as growing
and all our needs of watering
landings and their fallings
some resulting
in bruises or bleedings
this quickest form of healing
when you climb back up atop of me
and share with me
those views my leaves are blocking me
from seeing
as I enjoy their shading
from summers hell like afternoons
and shelter during stormings
you're nourishment for aging roots
and don't your fear of falling
just climb right back atop of me

© 2002