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mary, me

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hey mary
how are you?
i hope that
you're doin' fine
i miss you
& know that
i wasn't
right of mind
think back to
in the cold of
a winters night
you told me
i heard you
but that doesnt
make things right

she's as big as the sun and as
bright as the stars
she shines like a junky
whos finally scored
takes me a while
to know who i am
but i know that i love her
with all that i can

sometimes i like to
be alone for awhile
sometimes she knows that
i don't mean 1/2 of what i say
just lately its been so hard
so hard to stay in love...

blanket so warm like a strawberry moon
dreams are forever while still in the womb

these words aren't exactly what i mean
nothing comes close but im close to clean
but still this feeling remains and i
can't figure it out but you know that i'll try
im cold and im tired but i dont have a home
im out on the streets and out on the roam

would you lay with me
down to sleep
sit and help
me count the sheep

with eyes open wide
& arms real close
the tingle is felt
from head to your toes
picture so sweet
thoughts twice the same
who needs the bullshit
who needs their game

on a feather bed
warm with sweat
kiss that spot below your neck
pounding pulse
against your brow
tender fingers sliding down
cheek to cheek
breath in ear
gentle moan is all you hear...

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