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out on this road with the wind whipping by
out through the desert in the middle of the night
wake up in mountains, donner party dew
through in the clutch like dean used to do
now in the great mid-western states
the plains the plains the plains...
look at that cowboy dressed up in duds
he's a a fixation upon that plain
out past denver, you know what i mean
could be painted right along with the sky
hands in pockets, ambling by
then there's the great bails of hay
lining the road, pointing the way
with the moutains behind us
we put the pedal to the floor
with annie in the back yelling more more more
then all are silent when chi-town looms before us
sears and hancock tower the skys
and parties at north-western to fill up the night
soon we'll be itching to hit the road
gotta find out where this road goes...

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