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ode to knowing but not caring (not finished i don't think, my poetry never fini!

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isn't it ironic,
they say the economiie profits from war.
and that there millions dieing in Africa
but all our attention goes to the middle east
even my mother knows just why
she tells me as i eat macoroni
alternate forms of energy have been found
still its not a Bush but trees that loose
god must have known the middle east is good ground
but i dout he made a choosen one
religous war should be in a child's book
one of those cute little oxymorons.
you don't hear about africans in the news
it seems its not good enough buisness.

im still working on this one i think its improved on not being so strait foward and stating things but i think thats always a problem im going to have! any ways write response or suggestions on title or what ever if you want to.