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you say you never knew
but you must have been blind
if you couldn't have seen
that were all just trying to live
only trying to make endsme
and ultimatly its up to you to deside
what you want to do while your alive
but death comes to us all
and the chance that we all had will be over
its not the rich and the wise who survive
death is the qualizer of everything.
so live you life the way you want
in the end it won't matter how much money you got
don't let them bag you with deadlines
property won't matter when your living underground
your not here for anyone but everyone
we don't have a responsability for teaching everyone
you can't help leaving an imprint
on every single person you meet
whether it be a hand or a foot
whether you love them or give them the boot

you can't hold on to something forever
if its not the way they want to go
don't have any regrets about things
the past can hold you behind
but don't let it make you lie
bon't lie to yourself about your life
time is the only thing that can pass you by
and people will say what they will say.