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lime green and wanting to drive

Posted to Roadgoing

we didn't get along
we still don't get along
but on our trip
this lady that they call my grandma
and I only argued once
it was over something stupid
somewhere about oklahomaish
I remember it was really hot
my brand new lime green had already had sweat stains
my clear plastic tote bag at my feet contained the essentials for a trip across the country
a coloring book
(fourteen is not too ould to color)
A greenday cassette tape
Pink and white animal cookies
my diary
and two or three books

we were going to visit my aunt.
I was elected to go on the trip
because my mom and other aunts decided that my grandma shouldn't be making the trip alone
and I was at that age where I had no responsibilities
nothing to tie me down
and I had itchy feet...
not athletes foot but the deep down
need to put miles between my house and me.

I guess that was why we didn't fight
because I think deep down
that's what she wanted too.
to get out.
To not play nanny to my younger siblings
for a while.

The fight was over weather or not I'd get to drive at the age of sixteen.

We both didn't talk for a whole state
but hunger and boredom broke our silence
"So how 'bout Denny's"
I think she asked me...
I a new vegitarian
had just discovered "the garden burger"
at Denny's.
"Okay" I probably muttered
then the looking for a blue sign
that read Denny's began.

The funny thing is thyat she got her way
and I think if she still remembers
she gloats inwardly about how
she stopped yet another female family member
from freedom that shec didn't get until she had been married and divorced and married and divorced...
that she withheld from my mom till
my mom moved away from her mothers clutches

I think she may have jinxwed me though because I still don't have my drivers licence.