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just us chickens...please review

Posted to Poetry

out on the town but just for an evening
we lay by the sea completely believing
naked with words we share our one being
eyes straight ahead but not really seeing
bare feet in sand and you know the feeling
the stars over head will make up the ceiling
she speaks in a tongue that is drenched with a meaning
we lay on our backs, the ocean is breathing

i've got problems
and you do too
got something else
but this will do
she says its alright
we can just be friends
but i think we both know
how this will end, oh...

i believe in myself and nobody else
try to keep feelings high up on a shelf
but she does something that no one else does
like light up my life with her love...

so i see through the eyes of a needle or gun
there's work and there's play but everythings fun
lifes too damn short and its only begun
shes larger than life and she shines like the sun
i look for complaints but aint got none...

i think im boiling over
and its fresh and its new
want something else
but this will do
she says its alright
that we're just friends
i hope i know how this will end...

finally found something else to believe
had all the magic waiting up my sleeve
she takes me to levels beyond and above
and flies like an eagle as sweet as a dove
she does all these things and says just because
she showers me with her love...
oh just because
just because
just because.