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i'd rather be...

Posted to Action Poetry

anywhere but here
fat boy speakin
ignorant thought into
my uncarin ears
eyes sting a little
from starin too long
starin at nothing and how
it swallows my mouth
when we try to be intimate
slurpin at my limbs
and caressin the nape
with trickled touches
up and down my spine
feelin neck hair
stand erect to chills
as i read more into
what is thought than
what is actually said
duty days suck
and tomorrow is worse
gotta move stuff with
stretch the six foot tall
bag of clumsy bones
and rosey best friend
with every present quirks
gotta see outta
turtle eyes in small cage
with greenest of rocks
and my own little palm tree
to be secluded
on false beach of plastic
and real sand mixed
sun crispin my skin
into bronze statues
at least one thing i got
plans interlocked to
be somewhere with someone
just bidin time